Alternative to rhinocam for cam?

is anyone using a different cam plugin? have rhinocam and finding it a bit un wood friendly.

If you have the pro version of RCam then you should be fine for wood.There are work rounds for some problems. It is not the best for metals, especially tool steel. I’m not sure what problem you have but if you want something real good then you have to spend around 10k and there is a good chance that doesn’t have plugin for RCad, which can be a nightmare.

Look into madCAM. In my opinion, it is the best CAM plug-in for Rhino.

i have the basic rhinocam.

i am a long time mastercam user and have just recently made the jump to rhino and rhinocam. i am starting to get comfortable with rhino but rhino cam is proving to be more of an adjustment. i have been at this since the days of dos, so i have done lots of toolpath drawing which doesn’t seem as easy to deal with in rhinocam. with wood there are often issues of splintering and grain tearing so a simple computer generated path is not always the best.

after a good email with uday at mecsoft, he cleared up all my concerns and helped me tweak my post so that it looks more familiar to me. had a few lightbulb moments too so am looking forward to using it more and more.

I believe so and I also believe MADCAM is the cheapest 5 axis which capable of doing 5 axis Simultaneously - They offer student version almost 90% off - all you need is to be register and currently taking Fall 2021 classes. IO have been trying almost 5 axis CAM out there as Trails basis - I commit to MADCAM - They are not bad in support ( they are in Netherlander )