Call for Applicants | Design Technology Specialist

Join our team and apply your skills to an exciting and diverse collection of projects and educational initiatives.


Mode Lab is seeking an ambitious full-time, in-house mid-level designer with 2-4 years of professional design experience to research and develop products alongside a team of designers, makers, and technology enthusiasts.

At Mode Lab, we combine our passion for design, technology, and education to help businesses in the building, product, and manufacturing sectors strategically build tomorrow’s products. We use analytic tools and generative techniques to help clients establish a clear understanding of the obstacles they are facing in today’s ever-changing marketplace— and build the infrastructure to overcome them. The ideal candidate for this position understands the complexity of the problem we are working on and is passionate about contributing to its continued development.

The successful candidate will be responsible for brainstorming generative concepts with the project team, defining and developing algorithmic approaches, and executing on performance-based design scripts. Conceptual development will be reinforced by digitally fabricated prototyping using our in-house CNC mill, laser, and 3D printers.


  • Self-motivated, but works well on a team
  • Strong communication skills
  • Capable of self-guided research
  • General lover of all things related to design and emerging technologies
  • Inspired by science and nature
  • Constant learner
  • Passionate about education
  • Located in NYC


  • 3+ Years Professional Experience
  • Master’s degree in architecture or product design
  • Capable of defining and working with Algorithms
  • Applied knowledge surrounding Generative & Computational Design
  • Experience working with Digital Fabrication, specifically 3D Printing


  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Processing IDE
  • Rhino5 + Python


  • Grasshopper
  • Rhinocommon and/or Rhinoscript
  • Maya: Dynamics, Poly, SubD, & Re-topology Modeling Tools, Python Scripting

Please send your CV and work samples to