Generative design consultants help

we have a middle sized product design project that planed to bring all new style to our product by embracing the generative design approach. but we are very new to these computational design area.

can anyone help to give me some names of current popular generative design consultants?

and how much a regular computational design project will cost? we have a rich budget for a product design project,but I’m worrying about if it is enough for a generative design project since these generative design consultants’s main customers comes from construction industry.

it’s a daily use product’s (for example:home appliance) exterior design,result can be brought out by 3d print,abs metal…ect. or partially mould. so the design can be very flexible.we can use 3d print as a mass production approach.
the generative design tools and program language are not specified,It can be rhino nx catia maya…ect
we hope to deliver a brand new experience to our users by embracing the new design and manufacture approach.

If you PM me with more details I might be able to help. I have lots of experience with algorithmic modelling using Rhino/Python/Grasshopper, and I’m currently looking to take on freelance projects in these areas.

hi Bert
thanks for you interest,I had send you PM.