Cage on ShoeLast

Have a nice day to all.
Need to control deforming SubD shoelast by simple Cage for global changing.
Can you help me, how I can to do this?
Many thanks to all.
Lady_Mokas_Control cage.3dm (203.3 KB)

The control object (cage) for CageEdit can be can be made with the Cage command or can be an existing surface or curve, or the BoundingBox, Line, Rectangle or Box options in CageEdit can be used to create the control object. A set of lines or curves cannot be used as the control object.

This deformation is not done with cageEdit. The last on this picture is a subD last, and it is morphed from one mesh (hidden) to a target mesh. I used the GH plugin fattener by Daniel Piker to achieve this. This has a component to morph a mesh (in this case the control polygon of a subD) from a reference to a target mesh.
After the morphing of the controlpolygon the SubD is regenerated. See

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use the cage command, make a custom cage to your liking, position and shape it as you’d like then use cage edit and use it as the cage object.

The problem with cages is that when you start to shape the cage as you want, and after that you want to use it to deform an object and make an object the child of this (pre)shaped cage, all the changes you made to the cage BEFORE making it the control object, are also applied to the child.
So you are forced to start with a rectangular box as the control. And I do not want that when I start to deform a last. A workaround is to use a surface as the control. Then you can start with a non rectangular shape. But that does not always bring me the results I am looking for.
Therefore I am very happy with the method Daniel Piker offered me.