SubD development and wishes

Yes! For the first time I managed to create a shoe-last with a footscan as a reference, with more or less the same workflow as I did with T-Splines.
I am very happy to see that Sub-D is in progress again, because I am still dependend of T-Splines for my work as an orthopaedic last designer and sofar I could not find good alternatives.
I still am missing features in Rhino that I use now with T-Splines, but the essential functionality is here now.
I can pull (mesh) points to a foot-scan (= a mesh), insert edges using retopo pull,and use my favorite control object as a control cage.

It would be great that when transforming a mesh to SubD the original mesh would still be available as the control mesh ( In the first releases of Sub-D this was an option as I remember it). That would allow
me to pull meshpoints to an object an see in real time the SubD made from this mesh follow the deformation of the mesh. Also for Cage edit.

Anyway, It seems that I can keep using Rhino for my work in the future, now Sub-D is being under developement again and that makes me very happy!

Erik Hondebrink


Thanks for the feedback on subd editing in the Rhino 7 WIP. Are you looking for a semi-transparent shaded control point display? The original mesh is represented as the control points (F10) for the subd now but the control point net displays without shading like it would for a NURBS surface. You can also hold ctrl+shift when selecting the points, edges and faces (i.e. sub objects) directly on the subd versus F10. I think what you’re looking for though is a Ghosted level 0, low poly cage around the subd like you would see in a mesh modeler that uses a sub-divison modifier. Let me know more and I’ll make sure it’s filed.

CageEdit support is on the list for subd as well.

I am not looking for a transparant controlpoint display (although it might be useful,interesting idea), but for having the possibility to use Cage edit directly on a Subd object, or subdivide faces/insert edges, instead of changing the original mesh first and then make a subd from the mesh as I have to do now. I was thinking that this can only be achieved by keeping the control mesh accessible, like in Tsplines.
But if Cage edit etc. will be working directly on SubD object this wish has come true.
I just discovered that you can pull Sub-D and Nurbs controlpoints to objects in the WIP, not only mesh vertices! That is great! Will it become possible to snap multiple points to an object while dragging these points around, like retopo snap in Tsplines?
Did not know that crtl+shift allows you to select faces, edges and points, very useful tip.
Thank you Brian!

Okay, thanks for explaining more… I think most of this is in the works.

CageEdit on Subd:
Subdivide on Subd face:
InsertEdge on Subd:

Yep, pulling control points was something I was pushing for too, used it a number of times all ready. It looks like History can’t be recorded for it though. I’ll file something to see if it’s doable.



Before creating complex commands, it would be better to proceed from the basics, from simple commands: the selection of SubD, through appropriate commands, of points, edges and faces.
Subsequently, the use of SubD commands should be made intuitive and rapid, through the introduction of special toolbars.
Each new SubD command introduced must be accompanied by an icon that allows you to visually and quickly recall a certain command. In this way we begin to build, brick over brick, a robust set of tools, easy to recall. You have to proceed step by step, from the basic aspects to the more complex ones.
A rational organization of all development is the basis of every good job!
After a few years of development of Sub-D, a set of toolbar should be introduced, little by little, similar to that of T-Splines; the main reference is that.