Falloff distence by cage edit

i try to change this value But with no success please someone good help me out
of this
greetings peter

You can try Softmove/softeditsrf/crv commands.

no cannot i need this cage edit command-:frowning:
but thanks Peter

Or weight command, CPs have weight values…

Or even harder way… Calculating falloff percentage and turn into numbers rotate points from other view. You will need to draw many reference lines…

Hi Peter - falloff distance is the distance outside the cage where the effect of the cage stops. So, if all of the captive objects are fully inside the cage, this will have no effect. To see Falloff distance at work, make the cage smaller than the captives by at least falloff distance.


thanks pascal i was thinking in this direction long time ago but i never find a way to do this ??

Hi Peter - see the attached- does that help? Try moving all the top points in the red cage vertically.


hi pascal i see nothing-:slight_smile:

Hmmm - I see the same thing… uploading seems not to be working for me. I’ll try again.

Ok, it takes a while to show up, but it seems to be attached this time-
Falloff.3dm (79.9 KB)

hi pascak thanks now i try it you way use greate cage after playing with your cage but i don,t work for me ??

othere shot

Yeah, something broke, uploading was extremely slow when I tried this afternoon… --Mitch

So, there are two stages - one is creating the cage, and one is CageEdit, where the cage object is applied to the ‘captives’. Since CageEdit also allows you to create the cage at the same time as applying it to the captives, I am not sure what step is missing in your process…