Part/Full-time Job in London GH & Rhino

Hi there,

I’m looking to hire someone with experience in Grasshopper, based in London. The role would start part-time (approx 20 hours a week), and move to full-time in the following weeks/months.

Contact me for more information. Please do not apply if you are not in London.

Many thanks,

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Hi Felix,

My name is Ariel,based in London.
I am experienced in Rhino and Grasshopper both in architecture and in product design fields

It would be great if you could send some more information about the job.

My Email is

Kind regards,

I also live in London, but why don’t you put what you’re looking for in more detail to see if one might be interested in getting in touch? That way you avoid profiles that you are not interested in either.

Hi Felix,

I wondered whether you are still looking for someone to fill the position- if so please drop me an e-mail @ I am available to be working in London.


Hi Felix,

I’m a computational designer based in London with 5 years of experience. I would be happy to discuss the role and share my prior experiences with you.
You can contact me via email:

Look forward to hearing from you
Gizem Akgün