Hourly pay for a computational designer

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I need to ask you how much is to hire a product designer per hour that uses only grasshopper :slight_smile:

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This will vary by country and region, as well as skill level.

Can you hire a student that is a wiz at grasshopper? Or do you need an experienced designer who has manufacturing knowledge?

These is also specialization within Grasshopper. It would be helpful to know what would be expected of a potential hourly product designer.

Hi Ryan ,

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I mean a intermediate - experienced designer with manufacturing knowledge in London,


Still, it depends on the person you’re hiring, what sort of work exactly you gonna assign to him/ her whether it’s from the concept to production stage or just the grasshopper part etc… To be in consideration. Better you fix the maximum pay (for 1 hour) you can pay for the person you’re hiring. So that if it’s suit’s the person he/ she will gonna approach you. If it’s regular job this suit’s.

If it’s just 1 work the person who is going to design will fix the payment according to the work, time, etc…



for example this vase in the image, just the grasshopper part and prepare the file for 3d printing,


Wow, reminds me of some designs of mine! Don’t mind the fins, they are just print supports, this part 3D prints upside-down.
FYI, I’m in the US (east), so may not work out for you, but I have been designing for manufacturing with 3D CAD for around 25 years, for some years now I am a freelance consultant, also with my own 3D printers.