Cable submarine (transport man or concrete to sea road)

Before the construction of the sea road, a sea island must be filled in, concrete and then it can become the basis of the sea road, and it is impossible to operate in a typhoon if it is transported by ships.
In the construction of sea roads, it is impossible to operate by sea, and a large amount of concrete is transported. Because the weight of the pontoon can be adjusted by the cable submarine, there is almost zero gravity on the seabed, and the cable is easy to transport.

在建造海底公路前要填出一個海底島,之後才能成為海上公路的基礎,而用船運危險也無法在颱風作業,在建造海上公路由船運因海象無法操作,並大量運輸混凝土,由於cable submarine 可以調整浮箱重量,所以在海底幾乎零重力,纜繩很容易運

純粹為商用載人版本的cable submarine,在接近陸地有水下港口,潛艇不需浮出水面,只需在下船塢,進行運輸與轉向,進入陸地,海底轉運站分成很多樓,下層在水下,接上潛艇出入口,上面為大廳與購物中心,並有客運或卡車運輸貨物

The cable submarine is purely a commercial manned version. There is an underwater port close to the land. The submarine does not need to surface. It only needs to be transported and turned in the dock to enter the land. The submarine transfer station is divided into many buildings, and the lower layer is underwater. Connect to the submarine entrance and exit, above it is the lobby and shopping center, and there are passenger or truck transportation of goods