Going mad: catenary "collision" with ground mesh

Hello, hope anyone can give me support.
I’m trying to model a mooring line fixed, at one end, at the bottom of a lake, and, at the other end, attached to a moving floating pontoon. I could simulate pretty easily the mooring line as a catenary in kangaroo and the moving floating platform. The problem is that i can’t figure out how to model the slack catenary laid on the bottom of the lake, I mean the catenary intersects the ground mesh. I was trying to use solid point collide but i cannot get it correctly done with the catenary. Maybe the solution is simple but i’m very new of GH and Kangaroo2

Please help will be really appreciated

Upload your files to start the discussion.

catenaryfloor.gh (15.3 KB) If you just want to collide with a flat horizontal plane, you can do this with Floor like this:

If instead you want to drape over a mesh, you’ll need to make it into a closed solid first.
Here’s an example made by extruding a heightfield:

catenarylandscape.gh (534.5 KB)


Hello Daniel,
Thanks for the quick reply. This is indeed what i needed. I’m going to try this with my specific case. Thank you very much for the excellent information of the forum

Hi there, interesting problem, i see daniel solved it for you, i would like to have a look at your solution with the moving barge as well, since i am currently working on a similar type of problem. would you mind sharing your files? thanks in advance

Hello Eric,

I apology for the late reply, find please attached my “experiment”,

Mooring line + platform_v0.3dm (40.1 KB)

Mooring line + platform_v0.gh (41.1 KB)

Thanks, wonderfull