[C++ SDK] PDB files of debug DLLs

It would be nice to have debug symbols of the debug executable and DLLs to help developers pinpoint problems in their code. I now get the location of a function, but no name when an exception is thrown, and I have a hart time figuring out what I’m doing wrong.

Update: this was asked last year as well here Rhino 5 Debug Symbols

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Yes this would be nice. Perhaps in V6…

As we’re converging on Rhino6 and I again have totally un-debuggable errors from Rhino, I would like to ask whether this could be taken up into the Rhino SDK.

Just curious, what benefit would having PDBs provide in this case, other than seeing the Rhino call stack?

I hope to see from the function names where my mistake is. Currently I’m seeing the attached images above that provide no information whatsoever and I’m very curious where my mistake is. Of course a full source-based debugging session gives more information, but I know that is not gonna happen :wink:


You’ll need to add that URL in Visual Studio. See Specify Symbol (.pdb) and Source Files in the Visual Studio Debugger for details.

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Just to illustrate why this is useful. In the screenshot below I now see the problem is located in SaveGripStatus and then GetNurbsSurfaceMap. This immediately pinpointed the problem that I used the wrong kind of grip type (I used surface_cv_grip where I should have used custom_grip). I literally spent hours trying to find my mistake and with the stacktrace I could correct it immediately.

Thanks for making the symbols available, it is very, very useful!

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