OpenNURBS Debug Symbols - Rhino 7 SDK

Hello everyone,

I downloaded the Rhino 7 SDK and I am linking my C++ project to the opennurbs (not the public version).

I would like to have better debug, so I wanted to ask where I can get the debug symbols (.pdb) to ease my development.

Otherwise, is there a workaround where I could perhaps use the opennurbs_public.pdb that is created when I compile the opennurbs public code? EDIT: I tried, it says that the pdb does not match the image.

Thank you,

you can set up visual studio to pull symbols from rhino’s symbol store at

I thought there was a dev blog where @stevebaer discussed this, but I can’t find that blog online anymore – anyway the url is also mentioned on this page: Rhino - Crash Dump Analysis

that said, I think we need to know more about what you are trying to do. If you have a project unrelated to rhino where you will use your own opennurbs build, then you will load the pdb from your build, and it will work fine – but you also mention the rhino sdk, so it seems like you may be writing a rhino plugin, and getting loaded into rhino, which will be loading its own opennurbs, which will not match your build or pdb, as visual studio has indicated; I would be surprised if the plugin would even run at all

if you are writing a rhino plugin, then you should not build opennurbs yourself, and should just link the one provided (LibRelease_opennurbs.lib), and use the rhino symbol server

Hello @jdhill ,

Thank you for your reply. I added the link to the symbols list and it works - I can inspect the content of the variables \o/.

Just to share, I am actually doing a bit of round trip. I have a plugin written in C# that has some C++ unmanaged code - and I am using then the opennurbs inside this unmanaged code (I also have some functions that use it from the C# side).

It is working :slight_smile:

Thank you,