Button to hide Isocurves


Is it possible to create a button to hide an object’s isocurve?
I have a dysplay mode with them OFF, but I like working with them turned ON for new objects, to check if it was nicely build, and then turning them OFF as needed.
I have limited monitor resolution, and trying to avoid workin with the Properties panel open, or even docked under the Layer panel.

I just can’t find the command for it…

You might use this as the button command to turn isocurves off:

_-Properties _Pause _Object _ShowIsocurves _No _EnterEnd

to enable isocurves, just use _Yes instead of _No:

_-Properties _Pause _Object _ShowIsocurves _Yes _EnterEnd


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Thanks Clement!
That was precisely what I was looking for.

I didn’t thougth about using “_-” to navigate through “submenus(?)”. Very helpful.

I would add, that it worked out better for me as:

_-Properties _Pause _Object _ShowIsocurves _No !


_-Properties _Pause _Object _ShowIsocurves _Yes !