Bunch of trimmed surfaces are recognized to 1 surface

Hi all.
I’ve got a big development with your helps.
Now I’m trying to rebuild the trimmed surfaces to give them uv lines.
(I need to make a point on the center to locate the tags)


But ‘rebuild surface’ works for the hole surface. And other funtions are same.
How can I handle them each?


190715_3.gh (30.6 KB)

I’ve already mentioned in another topic of yours, you can’t use Evalute Surface because they are “Trimmed Surfaces”

If you trim a single untrimmed surface, they are divideded but they still remember their underlying original untrimmed surface.
It’s one of the most recurrent questions of nurbs novice.
You can refer to the following linked topics and articles about that.


And check the attached definition. Your text ID from excel file has only 7 lines whereas your surfaces are 13, so they do not match. And again, this is not the place where Replace Itemscomes in.
I’ve just tried to show you the way to tag ID to your trimmed surfaces.

190715_3_re.gh (24.4 KB)


I’ve understand trimmed surfaces now and about the tags, with the way using List length. Thanks for the replys!!
One thing I couldn’t got is Internalising part. Did you mean to put it as a text, not as an input file? or Input that and convert to text through some function?


Right click a parameter that has data in it and click “internalize”

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Hello, at this battery it’s shown as gray color and I can’t do that. Only at ‘read file’ it doesn’t work