Shrink and Divide patch surface?

Hello !

I am trying to create a framework of a parametric surface which has been created with patch command.
However when i divide the surface it devides all the untrimmed surface. How can i divide only the trimmed surface?

Divide patch (9.6 KB)

Thanks in advance!

You cant.

And if you want to understand why: Rhino - What are NURBS?

So there isn`t any solution in my case?

retrim the divisions with the input surfaces trim edges.

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Ok thank you very much. Which command i have to use in order to trim a surface with another surface for example in grasshopper. I mean is there an equivalent command with rhino trim in grasshopper/

This could be one way…

Divide patch (13.3 KB)

Thank you. However just out of curiosity is there any way to trim a surface with an extrusion in grasshopper. Cause I haven`t found a way yet.