Building an organic T shape

So this is something that I’ve been trying to figure out for a while, but I finally need to figure out a solution to it. Basically I’m trying to create the kind of organic T shape that would be defined by these pictured curves

That is to say the three “end curves” merge smoothly, bounded by the large arcs.

Now I get why, on a conceptual level this doesn’t work: the transverse isocurves have to be formed between pairs of opposite edges, and in this case I essentially have three “opposite edges”, but I also really really feel like this is a think that’s possible. I mean, I see things modelled just like this all the time, and I just can’t figure out how I actually generate the correct surface.

Anyone have any advice?

I’m sure you’ll find an acceptable solution in this post. Render Rage

Thanks. The method using patching seemed like the best bet at first, but after trying it the patch doesn’t seem to actually match the surface curvature. Any tips here would be appreciated

The method that involves building up distinct surfaces (Render Rage) seems more promising, but I can only get as far as constructing a few of the initial surfaces before I’m not sure how to go about making the interior. Anyone have a good understanding of this?

did you see pascal’s file in that thread?

then a video showing it a couple posts later.