Build the solution .dll for AutoCAD - Rhino 7 WIP


(Franco Crudi) #1

Hi everyone!

I hope someone might be able to give me some advice about an issue I am having with the Rhino7 WIP and AutoCAD.

I have followed the instructions on how to build the RhinoInside.AutoCAD.dll to run with the .NET application within Autocad but I couldn’t build it with Visual Studio 2017. Here I upload a screen capture of the bug when I tried to Build the solution (17 errors and 6 warnings).

I tried to build the solution for Revit and everything was Ok so I don’t know where the problem is.

Thanks for your help,


(Dale Fugier) #2

Hi @franco.crudi,

What version of AutoCAD do you have installed? I believe I build this sample against AutoCAD 2019.

– Dale

(Franco Crudi) #3

Hi Dale,

Thanks for answering. I have installed AutoCAD 2019.