Build a acoustic foam cone

Hi everyone!
I have a project which I decide to use acoustic foam to make a cone, and I’m going to build it in Rhino.
I use the keyword as “wave” and “acoustic foam” to find the tutorial, but I can only find the tutorial for the flat surface.
I try to draw the curves and loft them together, but it is incorrect.

I want to make the acoustic foam cone like this: (I simply draw it in PS… looks so weird :frowning:)

I download the grasshoper but it looks so hard and takes a lot of time to learn :disappointed_relieved:
So I wonder is there any way to make it?
Thank you!! Any help will be appreciated!!!

Do you plan to make a physical cone, or only a digital design?

Do you want to start with a flat sheet of foam and try to wrap it around a cone? If so have you tried bending a sheet of acoustic foam? Or do you want to make a cone with a surface similar to acoustic foam.

This tutorial may help.

In the latter section shows flowing along a cone.
Does the funky cone shape reduce the internal reflection? Looks cool.

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you can also use the build in paneling tool here a good start which might bring you there and further
just download rajaas zip file, it explains in short how do do that, its very easy i believe.


Here’s a fairly quick way to manually model this. Can be used in combination with grasshopper or history for more control over final shape.

170719 Cone waves.3dm (464.0 KB)

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