Build 5A629

The validity of my current work-in-progress version of Rhino for Mac is due to expire on 26 Jan 2015. When starting Rhino, I am directed to download a newer version with longer expiry date from the Rhino website but there does not appear to be a newer version than the build I have (5A629). Is a newer version due for release before the current expiry date?

Not sure what 629 is exactly but which version of the Mac OS are you running?

@xcalibur, I got this message as well this morning. There will probably be a new release this week before this build expires. If not I may get a long weekend, next weekend, :smile:

OK, thanks, Rhinorudi.

Wim, I have OSX 10.10.1.

i’ve been using the rhino WIP on mac for almost its entire life so far… there’s yet to be a time when the current version expired without having an update (the closest i can remember was 2 days til expiring)…
so based on that, i’d say don’t worry… if the next version isn’t ready this week, you’ll at least get a new version with an extended time frame.