New Service Release - Page cannot be found

Hi there and a happy new year!
My Mac “WIP” version expired on the 1 of january and the link for downloading the new service release doesn’t work. Any Ideas?

Thanks for helping me out!!!

All the best,

download from here:

also… have you seen this?

Specifically this part:

We will create one more version of Rhino for OS X 10.7 users, and will set the expiration date of that release to December 31, 2014. This will allow you time to upgrade your OS X version if that is an option for you, or to otherwise decide if and how you want to continue with Rhino for Mac.


thanks for responding. unfortunately no matter which version Im trying to download it always ends up with

As well with the link you sended to me Jeff. Is that a temporary thing?

when i click on the link you provided, i get the 404 error… same as you but in english.

when i click the link in my post, it goes here:

Ah I see. I just noticed, that I’m using 10.7.5. :frowning:
Sorry for confusion.
Is there any chance of using an older Version of Rhino for OS X 10.7.5?