Bug with TextObject adding extra characters

Experiencing an issue where text object is adding additional overlapping characters, This is occurring whether I copy and paste the text or type it into the input box manually.

I am using the current release 2014-11-24

Any ideas on why this might be occurring?

Thanks in advance

It might be related to this bug… --Mitch

Yes, same bug that Mitch linked to. We have it on our list of bugs to squash (MR-1045)

This looks like the same bug, thanks! Apologies for duplicate posting I searched for textobject bugs not text command. I’ll just lay this out in illustrator and import in the meantime.

No worries. Better to post if you are unsure. We’ll get that bug fixed soon.

Yup. Still there. Works ok for short strings but at some point (and it seems to be variable) you get the effect below.