Odd extra characters with TextObject

See this video - I am getting these odd characters showing up at the end of the word that are not shown in the text window. Latest WIP 5A766w


Hi Mitch- Yep, thanks - it looks like we have that one down a couple of times.



OK, thanks… Do you know where we are on this one?



Nope… @tim, can you comment on this one? thanks.


This issue is marked as 5.x which means that we are planning on making it available in a point release, but not in the initial release of Mac Rhino (release target of 5.0)

OK, thanks. The dash version is pretty much non-functional now in that all you can do is place the insertion point, it will use the previous settings from the dialog version INCLUDING the previous text (no way to enter text). All you can do is place the previously used text somewhere.

I would say that until it’s fully implemented in a point release, when _-TextObject is typed, to do one of three things for the initial release version (like now):

  1. Have it come up with the typical “Unimplemented command” message. Factual, but not very user-friendly.

  2. Simply point the dash version to the non dash version, so the TextObject dialog box comes up. Fooling the user a bit, but at least semi-functional. Won’t help for scripts or macros.

  3. Implement at least a string box so that the user can type a string before placing the insertion point. That might make it semi-useful for scripting purposes if one is willing to accept previously set font, size, curves/surfaces/solids settings etc. - you could at least place different texts at different insertion points via a script or macro.


As un-scriptable as it is, this seems like the stop-gap solution until the dashed version of the command can be properly fixed. Logged in MR-1922.