Text Objects Not Working

I’m running Rhino 5 for Mac, build 5A745 on an MacBook Pro, 15" Early 2011 with Yosemite, and I noticed today that the TextObject has stopped working. It doesn’t pop up an error, it just doesn’t do anything. “Text” works fine, but I do miss how you could explode Text in Rhino 4 for Windows to get the outlines.

same for me…

Not working here from Ribbon bar icon, Solid menu command or command line. Shows that the command has been run in command history, but not dialog box or any thing.


Yep same here. Shucks I wanted to add a logo to some parts I’m building…

I see this bug here. Logged in MR-1665. Thank you for reporting this.

Same for me on the latest 5A745 version.
It works fine on the previous version (5A732).

The latest 5A751 fixed this, albeit we still have a small bug where the text object generates extra letters and sometimes overlaps some of them. Easily fixed by ungrouping the text and deleting the extra digits… ;o)

Hi Peter- thanks, I see this.