Bug: ViewCaptureToFile result varies with different DisplayModes

we have noticed that when ViewCaptureToFile’ing from different DisplayModes the result is sometimes different.
In 3840×2160 size the Raytraced looks as expected but the Ghosted (and Arctic and Rendered, at least) seems to have taken the framing width of the viewport, although the size of both images is the same.

“Naturally”, we couldn’t initially reproduced because this does not always happen. For instance with 800×600:

This is as far as we tested it, but one guess would be that, if the image size is larger than the viewport size, the Arctic, Rendered, Ghosted take the viewport width framing and proportionally increase the height to hit the correct size… why? … who knows…

Can this be fixed? In diagrams, we many times overlap different display modes and it is useful and expected that the images match.

thanks, N

I was unable to repro in a quick test. Captures seem to match even when viewport aspect ratio and target capture aspect ratio differ. I tested with this file:

viewcapture_test.3dm (3.4 MB)

Viewport is at 1594x1080, capture done at 1980x1080 with scale 2 (so 4K). I capture both Raytraced and Monochrome, the line up perfectly in GIMP

Here’s Monochrome on my side (changed lighlty the background to be more clear the limits of the image. same issue.

here’s my file:
240711 ViewCaptureToFileImageOutput.3dm (3.2 MB)

Here’s a nice test.
when I narrow the viewport:

the output in monochrome is correct

whereas, if the viewport width is wider (proportionally) it reverts to that framed width.

and if I really exaggerate the width of the viewport, I get that reflected in the result.

All the output images are the same size 3840×2160.

And another quick one using this:

same issue.

I think your viewport has to be wider (proportionally) than you capture for this to occur.
I.e. if your height id the same the viewport width has to be larger than the capture width.