Raytraced viewport different from _ViewCaptureToFile

Can you explain to me why what I see in Raytraced viewport:

…is different from the file when using _ViewCaptureToFile result?

View capture settings are:

Inside the viewport is looks more realistic.
lamp.3dm (1.2 MB)

After fiddling some with a Cycles Emissive material you may want to toggle the viewport first. The updates don’t always go properly through the changequeue giving the wrong results in the viewport. I have this on my list to fix for v7 WIP.

What do you mean by “toggle” the viewport?

I did not quite understand. What updates? What is changequeue? Is it something wrong with my setup or are you saying that in fact the resulting picture is correct, and what’s on the viewport is wrong? The viewport result seems more realistic. Perhaps I need to put it all in a bigger box simulating the air with small elements of dust in it to make the light dissipate a bit.

Toggling means switching to another mode, then back to Raytraced.

With updates I meant the tweaks you make to the emissive material.

There is nothing wrong with your system, rather there is somewhere a bug in our code that makes Raytraced confused about the actual state of emissive shaders.

There is no sense in doing that really. You can try, but in the very least it will make the scene much heavier for raytracing.

In the future (the WIP) there will be a way to do volumetrics, that would be much better.

LOL, it kind of worked with the big box fuzzy glass material. However now it looks like my box is in outer space. On the dark part of the pic there are dots like stars :slight_smile:

What bothers me on all the pictures is that dark area inside the box. How could there be dark area there, the lamp is in there.