BUG v7 - some layout names when exported to dwg are not retained

I dont see the pattern why some names are ok and some are not ok. I thought the space made problem but i tested it and that is not the issue causing problems…

check layout names in rhino and exported dwg from the file, some layout names are without proper name.

cant tell if its problem of autocad or rhino but i think its rhino problem with export.
layout_names_to_dwg_test.dwg (110.5 KB) layout_names_to_dwg_test.3dm (1.5 MB)

Hello - can you point out which ones to look for - one that is not correct - please?


just open dwg in rhino and see.

(roundtrip rhino-dwg-rhino)


imported dwg in rhino (same in autocad), bad:

i might have found the problem… some names are identical it can mess up things probably

so no. unique names dont help…