Layers tab won't let me access Layers- Help

Hi guys, I am actually a student and in the middle of learning my Rhino class. for a while I have been doing a project that requires me to do a 3d scanner. and as I’m building my project, the mesh of the object is kind of making the desktop lagged and eventually I cant access my layers again from my right hand side tool tab. the tab itself is there but the content of the layers is just not showing up.I have tried reinstalling my toolbars again and restart my rhino again but neither are working. please help what should I do? thank you very much!.

Hi Leonard,

Did you recently update to Windows 10 Creator?

– Dale

OH so that is why! Yes I did update my windows some time ago. Should have not gotten my windows updated if I had found this forum sooner. Guess I have to keep an eye for any updates here from now on then. Anyay, the layer tab is back on tho! I did try for the Rhino WIP and when I returned to Rhino 5, the tab could be access again. anyway, thank you very much Dale!