Bug: Unable to Perform Gumball Extrusion on Multiple Selected Faces

HP Zbook 17 G6
Rhino 7 Win SR8
Windows 10 Pro Build 2004 19041
Intel Core i7 9750H / Quadro T1000

I just realized that extruding multiple selected faces using gumball isn’t possible on all my computers (HP Z820 and Lenovo P40) as well other than mentioned above. However, if a single face was selected, I didn’t have any issue at all.

Am I missing something or accidentally pressed a button that disabled it? Really appreciate the thoughts.

Same behavior here.



Okay. I think it’s a bug. The Gumball Extrusion is working normally with SubD Box, but not with normal closed surface Box.

Could only be the final phase of the execution of the gumball extrusion command to box type object or some others, other than SubD objects. I’m no programmer :sweat_smile:

Updates: It doesn’t work with extruded objects as well.