Gumball extrusion inconsistent


When using the Gumball to extrude or move a face subelement (ctrl + shift), I’m finding inconsistent results.

On my PC, when I extrude inwards, the face and edges move. It is a bit like a new ‘void’ extrusion which is what I am after.



However, on my colleagues PC, it is like a new self-intersecting extrusion.

I’m wondering what might be causing this. Has there been changes in the latest Service Release? Or a setting or tollerance issue I’ve missed. Any thoughts?

Hello - the difference is the DeleteInput=Yes/No command line setting.


But using the Gumball, there is no command line?

Yep, sorry - asleep at the wheel. Here, extruding a face back in, keeps things as they were in terms of the faces, but extruding out adds faces.

What are the Rhiono service releases on the two machines?