Bug?: "Synchronize Views" won't align objects properly in V8

Little shifted in one view

I can not duplicate that.
I turned on Linked views as well and that keeps the parallel views lined up.

Do all files to this or just that one?

Please post your Rhino SystemInfo.

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Hannes -
Apart from what JB said, this is nothing new in Rhino 8. I’ve seen this happen in Rhino 6 and 7 but can never reliably reproduce it. Because of that, it’s something we can’t fix. If you find steps to make this happen every single time, please let us know.

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Bug? Come on…

In the screenshot in the first post, the top plane X-axis is pointing to the left…

Try resetting the view like this:

I changed the CPlane in the top plane and ran Synchronize a few times:

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@John_Brock works now. It was probably the file.