Align commands seems to be swapped

Hi all,
I use the align commands all the time and they have been mixed up since the last two updates (I think).
M1 mac using Rhino 8 wip
The icons don’t relate to the function any more, ie verticle centre does horizontral instead.
It’s been a fun game of ‘guess what this one does’
Anyone else had this issue?

hi @nickpledge I suspect you are doing this in a view where the Cplane is rotated, could that be the case? From what I can see here, all is working normal.

Yes I think that is what has happened. Other files are fine. I just don’t remember changing anything but I must have. Thanks for the reply!!

What could have happened that you were using the new AutoCplane, which, depending on how you set it up, can cause a rotated cplane.

That makes sense. How do I set it up so this doesn’t happen? Or how do I correct it?

you could either switch AutoCplane off or change it to World alignment:

Thanks so much!!