BUG: switching between standard perspective and two-point perspective not possible


switching from perspective to two-point works, but not back to perspective. The camera is wrong aligned and not back to the original camera source point. I hope it can be easy fixed. :wink:

Good luck,

If you use the Undo View Change icon it works like you described.
Changing from one projection to another recalculates the display from each starting point. The tools are doing what they were designed to do.

You could save a named view and switch back to it if that’s the behavior you’re after.

Not what I hoped, but I understand. Thank you.

Hi John, Micha,

Well, then they are poorly designed :wink:
The Two Point Perspective mode has been undercooked and then orphaned since its introduction in V5.

I took time to document it thoroughly here (A.D. 2015):

And we have bug track item for refinements (currently marked Future):

I gave up on this after several attempts and not much interest. Now I actually kind of hope it will not get fixed because it could mess up the workarounds I had to implement to make it work properly inside several tools we use…
Some of my view navigation plugins (Stork, Sparrow) have TwoPointPerspective mode implemented without Rhino’s limitations.

But for basic stuff like 3PP/2PP toggle keeping the camera intact, looking up/down with camera in place in 2PP mode (not easy in Rhino) and Lens Change in 2PP mode that zooms around view target (Rhino zooms around “distorted” target, not view center in 2PP mode) I wrote a script to help with Rhino’s limitations:
DIG_TwoPointPerspectiveNavigation.rhi (9.5 KB)
The command is the same as plugin name. Micha - hope that helps.


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