Bug? Stubborn material and object colour

This happens from time to time, with no reasonable explanation. Sometimes there are some surfaces with random stubborn material and object colour that refuse to change no matter what I try to fix this obvious bug. It’s very irritating, because even joining those surface to ones that behave normally don’t help. The surfaces of the resulting polysurface still have different properties. What’s even more interesting is, when I explode the model, the problematic surfaces change their object colour automatically… Once I joint them, they become black again. Is there any known fix to this? :slight_smile:

Stubborn material and object colour.3dm (300.0 KB)

Hi Bobi - RemovePerFaceColors will sort it out. Probably some STEP import involved…?



Hi Pascal, that’s correct, the model came as a STEP file. However, even some of the fillets that I added in Rhino 7 also became coloured. I had similar cases with models entirely made in Rhino 7 by me, no import involved. Just simple modeling.
I find it strange that the ! _MatchProperties is incapable to match the properties of the models despite its name that suggests that it should be possible. Maybe a thing to consider in the future? :slight_smile: