Space table bug

I have prepared a space style definition with several parameters (to get regular IFC property sets). Then, I have prepared a table style for these spaces, and I am a bit surprised. It seems the table changes one property. A space with number of occupants added (12):

The value is a regular text, as sometimes I need to add some non digit ones, but it doesn’t matter, I think. Then, the value is set to the table:

And then I have noticed one value is completely different (10):

I have checked several times, the space definition holds the proper value, the table is wrong… Updating the element doesn’t work. I haven’t checked the rest of properties, but frankly, it gets a bit annoying. I wouldn’t like to start checking all the values.
Regards, Jaro

Hi Jaro, can you send that model to we will try to figure out what’s going wrong.

Hello Francesc,
The file has been sent, and I have added some additional info, it may help you to find the problem.
The user parameters are set back to “none”, though they still are available. Updating the table clears all the values…
And I think the VA “remembers” previous values, that’s why there is a number of occupants visible as “10” - it was the initial value, I have changed it a bit later. The problem is with the space number 1.20.

Cheers, Jaro