Bug: Screen Shot CMD SHIFT (#) Sub Object Highlighting

something that is an issue in V8 is that now when you try to make a screen shot with the regular Mac Os shortcut keys the geometry which is below the mouse gets highlighted, at times when the entire screen is full of geometry, which probably is mostly the case its quite tricky. i managed to get around by positioning the mouse pointer on the window bar and wait for a second before i actually go and make the screen shot.

since screen shots are for me personally a major method to quickly communicate current states of models its a bit bothersome.

i understand that CMD shift activates the sub object mode, so maybe it makes sense to have a pickable delay for it?

after experimenting now a bit more i figured is it possible to avoid this bug by first pressing cmd then pressing shift and (#) at the exact same time, which is actually rather difficult to pin down each time so some sort of delay might be handy.

You can also turn off the mouseover subobject highlighting in Options>Advanced… Don’t know if that helps.

well i like that highlighting, but it just not fully thought through for mac users since it coincides with the screen shot short cuts.