Screenshot on mac highlights edges

Continuing the discussion from Rhino 8 for Mac is a massive regression in UI, UX and function:

I see that here as well. It happens because Cmd+Shift enables SubObject Selection.
I’ll ask what can be done.

RH-80520 Screenshot on Mac triggers subobject selection

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Workaround: just move mouse away from objects before pressing the screenshot or screencast shortkey.

FYI the above logged issue won’t be fixed, as you can read in that YT. There are basically two options:

  1. Make sure your mouse cursor is not on an object
  2. Disable mouse over highlight

Ok, thank you. I disabled the mouse over highlight however I’m not sure how it will affect my modeling workflow. Can I ask you where this function is used except of selecting and moving edges?

Mouse over highlight has been added so it becomes easier to see what you will be selecting on hover (mainly for subobject selection). This allows selecting without getting the selection menu.