Bug: Rhino 8 SVG export is unusable

Just upgraded to Rhino 8 and SVG export is a major step backwards, to the point where I won’t be able to use it. While it renders SVGs “correctly” in that they look like what’s rendered in Rhino, they’re not rendered usefully.

Exported shapes are decomposed into individual lines and curves. This means, I can export a shape as an SVG and then fill it, because it’ll have a bunch of separate edge lines as elements rather than a single shape. Fixing this would mean manually editing the SVG file every time, which is impractical for what I’m working with.

Rhino 7 exports correctly / usefully. So, I’m dropping back to that for now, sadly.

Hi Brian, sounds like a bug, I am testing this now, thanks for the heads up.

@Brian_Westphal - I do not, in my simple test, see any difference yet in the svg output (as opened in AI, or back in Rhino - can you post an example? (V7 file, svg export from V7, the same exported from V8.)

Ah, I tested on Windows, I will try Mac .
Same results - an example would be helpful.



Hi and thanks for this quick response!

Here’s an example file I just made in 7 and then exported to SVG. Then I duplicated the file, opened and saved it in 8 and exported again from 8. (not sure if saving as a version 8 file maters – probably not)

7Example.3dm (3.3 MB)
8Example.3dm (2.8 MB)

The example should be an X shape made of two separate overlapping rounded rectangles – which are really created somewhat manually and using join to create the curves.

In 7, the SVG has two paths as expected. In 8, its eight separate paths, one for each side of the rectangle and for each curve.

Just for quicker reference as well, if you open the SVGs in a text editor, you’ll see:


vs 8

Hi Brian - thanks, got it now, I’ll get this on the bug tracker.

RH-78778 Export svg: keep the join


RH-78778 is fixed in Rhino 8 Service Release 2

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