SVG export rounded corners wrong in Rhino 7

When a rounded rectangle is exported to SVG, then the radius corners are wrong.

This is seen in Rhino itself when I load the exported SVG, and in other programs it’s the same effect.

_ConvertToBeziers doesn’t help.

What else can I try, or is there a special setting to tune this up?


Can you post a Rhino file with the geometry and your exported SVG file please.

Rect.3dm (32.0 KB) (578 Bytes)

You can use the command MakeSubDFriendly<\kbd> (1.3 KB)

Rect.3dm (204.0 KB)

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I now tested the same file in V8.
The exported SVG looks good with this simple example.

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IMO the same should be possible in V7.

Looks nice in Rhino 8 WIP.


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Is that bug still present in Rhino 7?

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Apparently, but it seems to be fixed in Rhino 8 WIP

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Hopefully it will not be leaved unresolved for Rhino 7.


I don’t think V7 will get the cure:

I read multiple times “McNeel” staff claiming that support for Rhino 7 have been suspended like half or one year year ago, except for fixing bugs. This particular bug is definitely serious and causes a huge hit on the quality, accuracy and file size of the exported curves. A working solution is already found and proven to work, so it should be easy for the programmers to transfer it to Rhino 7, too.


Rhino 7 will not be modified to attempt to fix this issue. The changes required to try and resolve this issue are larger than I feel comfortable with to place them into a late service release stable product.

Fixes for bugs do get added to Rhino 7; this is why we have service releases. Developers have to make the decision for each bug they fix on the feasibility of trying to fix the issue in the stable version of Rhino and if it has the potential to mess up users.


I agree about the Service releases, but lets not forget that Service release candidates exist for a reason, too. :slight_smile: They are the experimental less-tested-and-possibly-unstable versions that appear prior the heavily tested Service releases.

Yeah but when is Rhino 8? Seems it has been a long time coming.

This is something that has never been announced in advance. Usually the developers work on the next Rhino iteration and set the official unveiling only after they decide that it’s finally good enough for a commercial release, complete with valuable new tools, features and fixed bugs. The Rhino 8 WIP version of the future release exist with the idea to give the users of Rhino 7 an earlier access to the program, so that they could try it on their machines and share their experience and opinion about the changes, report bugs etc.

The current commercial release of Rhino is Rhino 7 and it has been half-abandoned like one year ago. It receives mostly rare critical bug fixes related to the graphical and hardware performance issues and crashes, whereas the rest known bugs that are critical for the user experience, accuracy of files (such like the bug with improper SVG export from this topic), Notes etc. are destined to be forever left unresolved. :sleepy:


Yeah, I agree with the 6 month thing. This is what I mean by Rhino 8 feeling like it is a long time coming. Version 5 went up to SR33 and version 6 to SR27 or so so I feel like it can’t be long. If they won’t fix things like this which is clearly a glitch they know they can fix, they should release Rhino 8.