Bug: Restart

This is a mystery meat problem that I have frequently encountered on V8. After a Rhino crash, Rhino will not restart without a reboot.

The Rhino icon appeals in the dock with the black dot below but rhino never opens. If I wait long enough, Rhino will crash again and I will get the SEND TO APPLE dialog (but not the send to McNeel). If restart Rhino at this point, the same thing happens.

When you get the dialog to send report to Apple, please copy and paste the entire text from that dialog and share it with us. Either here in a reply, or if you don’t want to post that publicly you can share that in a direct message with me.

Please do add also the results of the Rhino command _SystemInfo.

If you can add some information about the steps or actions your are doing just before a crash happens would be useful too.

Thank you.