Bug: Repeating BlendSrf with Same Height Ignored

after using the option same height completing the command and trying to blend a new shape with same height activated it shows me a not adjusted height result, unchecking and checking the option once more resolves the issue at least

also for sweep2 sometimes options are stored between calls (or not ?) - but not displayed correctly.

i already posted similar issue here - but got no attention at all:

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i can understand you fully, i also have a several bug reports which i posted a long time ago neither tracked nor handled. some are handled which i even provided data and kept progressively approaching while just being ghosted in the end, that demotivates indeed.

just yesterday i grabbed my motivation back together to point out everlasting bugs which i usually ignore. if nobody comes to look at them then well so be it, i at least tried, more than shouting out loud is not possible while dedicating 24/7 a good portion of our lifes helping to develop the software for free.

i can just say it again and again that McNeel should hire more people or grab their attitude together… i am not blaming anybody in specific but it honestly sucks at this state. maybe we should open a dedicated topic to address this issue in particular (again).

dear @encephalon let s keep this topic as
“command options (blendSrf, maybe sweep) are not stored / displayed correctly between command calls”
To discuss a better bug / wish / community-development approach - this would be another topic/post - and i will join this discussion. let see how our loved Rhino is getting more and more adult.


that is funny to put it that way… the issue here is that rhino learned to walk a long time a go, and was also very good at running. it then started to fly which is a good move but it got dizzy and entirely forgot how to land and also walking is becoming difficult :slight_smile:

Hello- I see this, thanks.
RH-65992 BlendSrf: SameHeight is ignored


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RH-65992 is fixed in Rhino 7 Service Release 13 Release Candidate