Bug: BlendSrf - Same Height

how is this option supposed to work? when i try to blend 2 tubes with the same diameter using blendsurface it overshoots or expands the diameter. with option same height the surface becomes an unusable mess.

the same problem less severe with 2 surfaces. green is what i did with sweep, orange slightly overshoots right out of the box. to me the most natural would be using same height but as you can see in the red example it strangely deflates, when the angle of surfaces increases the blend gets unusable is there some bug or what is happening?

here the flat surface example the surfaces are set to wire to be readable.

when i try to blend these yellow marked edges the blend gets weird without interior shapes

here with interior shapes but it overshoots, to compare the desired result would be the green blend on the right made with sweep.

when i try to use the option Same Height the entire blend becomes unusable and beyond adjustable.

BlendSrf issues.3dm (3.2 MB)

Hello - same height is mostly useful when more or less parallel sets of edges vary in distance apart, and the goal is to keep the blend a consistent depth - without this setting the cross section is expanded in all dimensions according to the distance between rails (essentially a Sweep2)


that means it will not work for these 2 cases above?

I guess I am not sure why you are looking to blendSrf if you can get the right answer with a sweep. I’d use a Revolve here, myself.