Bug reopening Options for editing new (formerly displayed for editing) AnnoStyle? + Crash Editing Anno Styles

Here’s what’s happening for me:

Options > NewAnnoStyle > Name it anything that won’t make it come in at the end of the alphabetical list > it comes in at the end of the list at left because the list is not yet alphabetized (that’s not the real problem) > Select that new AnnoStyle in list at left (its options are now present in attributes pane at right) > CloseOptions

Maybe any users will, as I now have, closed Options at this point to create an instance of the new annostyle in a 1to1 view to observe the effect of changing the style when subsequently .

Open Options Again > The aphabetically listed anno styles have been reshuffled in the left pane so that the new style is properly listed alphabetically and not at the end (again, this shuffling isn’t the real problem, we expect it because Rhino does that with new items in lists). The real problem is that, unlike what we expect, the Style selected with edit pane showing is still the one at the end of the list - but it isn’t the new style, it’s another one, and now we are editing a different Style, contrary to what we’re used to with Options reopening to show the pane recently viewed. So we edit that one, and nothing happens to our new element. Confusion ensues.

Ed: Rhino’s crashing a lot while editing these anno styles; the crash report is sending the renamed files. Maybe there’s something else going on.

Hi @djhg,

Annotation Styles inside Rhino Options are a Rhino feature, and it is not implemented by VisualARQ. I’ve moved this post to Rhino for Windows category.