BUG: print adobe pdf ask for filename but creates folder instead

in V8 SR3:

ctrl p
adobe pdf
change filename in window
file is not saved but folder is created instead

Hi Ivan -

I’ve tried this with “Rhino PDF”, “Microsoft Print to PDF”, and “CutePDF Writer”, and wasn’t able to reproduce that issue. Have you tried with a different PDF printer?

now i am thinking if its a bug or not.
i found out that if there is a folder with the supposed name of a file it will open the folder and not save file with the specified name. if there is no such folder it saves the file.

Hi Ivan -

If you find that’s a bug, you’ll have to address Microsoft.
This behaves the same way if you save, say, a Notepad document.

it is not a bug then. you can delete this topic :slight_smile: