WIP: Hooray - batch PDF saving to separate files - BUT!


Finally we have got printing to separate pdf files.

-you cannot include filename in the pdf name
-it still unnecessarily asks for filename when you hit OK
-it is just not good enough

How it should be done so it covers 99,99% cases:
-little arrows let you change order of file name bits
-if you fill in some additional info which result in unique naming hitting OK should not ask for file name anymore


Hey @ivan.galik thanks for the feedback.

We’ll look into the possibility of adding a few more options. I’m not certain that we’ll ever implement something that automatically saves somewhere without prompting for a file name but we can probably add some more customization as we collect feedback from users.

prompt is ok but just for location where those pdf files should be saved not asking for a filename which is defined beforehand

I just pushed a change that will add the current document name as the default filename for the pdf if you’re using the print command and have Rhino PDF selected. This will save you the step of typing in the doc name.

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