BUG Persistent Material Population After Undoing Block Instance Insertion

Hello Team,

When I insert a file as a block instance, it seems that all the materials from the inserted file are automatically uploaded to the Material Panel. This feature works fine until I attempt to undo the insertion. While the inserted file does disappear as expected upon undoing, the materials, unfortunately, remain in the Material Panel. This results in a cluttered and confusing workspace as the Material Panel gets populated with numerous unused materials, making it increasingly difficult to manage.

In other words, this could be improved by ensuring that when an insertion is undone, any materials that were added as a result of that insertion are also removed from the Material Panel.


Hi Alan, thanks for reporting, I added:
RH-75559 Insert Block > Undo does not undo added materials

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Presume is related to scaling the block without using blockedit

I fail to understand how this relates to materials getting added to the scene

Yes, sorry, you are correct.

I thought this was just me. I just accepted it and Purge whatever I could every time.

RH-75559 is fixed in the latest WIP

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