Edit Block instances material without changing original file

Dear All,

At the moment I’m trying to find out how we can work from our database in a more efficient way. As a company who does a lot of different projects in Rhino, we often reuse older models but with different material/ color. We would like to use Block instances so we don’t have many files of the same object on different locations.
I tried saving the file with the material properties set as " Parent ". When I open the block instance in a new file and change the material it changes everything into one material. Is there a possible way to adjust a more complex Block instance that consist of more than one object with different materials/colors without changing the original file?

Thanks in advance.


If you just keep the materials set as per layer in the block file, when you insert the block, you should be able to change the material / color for the layers that affect the block in the file you inserted it in, which should not impact the block file itself.

Is this not what you are seeing?

Hi Sam,

Thanks for the reply. If I do that, I can indeed change the material unfortunately this is not what I’m seeking. It’s close though. The problem is that we sometimes have objects with more than one material. I need to be able to select them separately and adjust them without changing the original file. I hope that’s possible. :open_mouth:


Hi Charly - if you embed the block - dissociate it from the source file, in other words, you can do this via BlockEdit, but that might be too high a price…