(Bug) OffsetSrf Both-Sides and Solid

Version 7 (7.28.23058.03002, 2023-02-27)

the current latest Version of mac has a bug in _offsetSrf

it is not possible to combine
Solid = Yes
Delete = No
Bothsides = yes

Hi Tom, AFAIK this is not a bug but rather a limitation of the tool.

Dear Gijs - thanks for having a look at this.
If it is not a bug - than is a badly / un-intuitive implemented combination of options.

it should be possible to combine

both sides
delete = No

there is no reason why not to allow this combination of options.
or do I miss something ?
. I always try to keep input-geometry in the file. Most (All?) commands that allow history a set up like this. The files stay more readable and more flexible when changes are needed…

if it is not a bug, then this maybe a flaw of papercut, or at least a wish.

kind regards -tom

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The limitation here is not the option to not delete the input, but to offset solid in both directions.
To add: this limitation only applies to polysurfaces.

What is the reason for this limitation?