BUG: No transparent Background for Png Turntable animation

Hi guys,
I’m trying to save a simple turntable animation of an object but using the transparent background the image are saved with a checker map on the background instead of the transparency layer.

Is it a bug?

Rhino Version 6 SR13
(6.13.19058.371, 27/02/2019)

no one on this subject?

Hi - I put this on the list as RH-51815.

Just to make sure, I take it that you set transparency here:

[display_mode] > Viewport settings > Background > Transparent

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thanks Wim.
yes I did the trasparency in the display settings.

@wim @skysurfer I went ahead and just fixed this one since I was staring right at the problem while investigating it…

@wim When the PR completes, please thoroughly test all animation features and settings, on both Windows and Mac… I want to make sure I haven’t broken anything… as some of the changes were pretty significant.



thanks guys!
you’re pretty efficient!