Bug: Loss of keyboard input after double-click in Layer panel

8.6.24101.5001, 2024-04-10 on Windows 10

Double click a layer name in the Layer panel to make it current, then use the keyboard. There is no response.

In V7, relevant keyboard input, such as the up and down arrows, is applied to the Layer panel, while non-relevant input is applied to the main Rhino window and command line. Single clicking on a layer name in V8 also works this way.

Maybe this is the same or related to RH-78854.

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Thanks. I’m looking forward to RH-80790’s fix in 8.7.

yeah about that, i have seen it but i have 8.7 and this was changed 2 month ago or so, so i am a bit confused if that is now fixed and will come soon or if it was fixed and it actually still does not work…
also there is this tracker which is related which says next up since it was created RH-81217

@curtisw may i ask you if that is now fixed and the update rolling in soon?

thanks, I believe this is a different issue. ps: I took the liberty to fix the link to the YT in your post (the url missed the t in youtrack)
RH-81924 Double-click on layer > up down arrows don’t work

Hey @encephalon,

The fix for RH-80790 should be in v8.7.24093.09381 or later. Is this not working for you?

As for RH-81217, it hasn’t been addressed yet it appears.

unfortunately not really (it seemed to have worked the very first time i started a new session but any further attempt failed) neither double clicking nor using the check works at the first instance. to be clear i am preselecting an object then checking or double clicking the new layer then use a command ( in my case to change layer) both still require to command to be executed twice or a focus on the command bar. since these seem related was there maybe a confusion going on?

this one says next up since 2 month, what does next up mean, will that be handled at some point soon?

@dale have you got any insight?

@encephalon What you describe works here (I tested in different builds):
Select an object
Double click a layer or activate it by hitting the check
Start typing a command

That being said, I reopened the issue, because I see a few keys activate system functions after double clicking a layer

typing a command works, but not using a short cut (alt y, or alt w or anything). that still does require 2 attempts to loosen the focus. it seems its limited to alt as far as i can tell, other shortcuts seem to work like cmd x ctrl p or whatnot

sure, but that one is the open YT you quoted

which is next up since 2 month… so i am just worried that there is nothing getting lost… since this is an elemental function which i am using daily its quite bothersome.

I’ve marked it urgent, there may be other issues though that need more urgent fixing.
edit: Apparently this is a tough one to fix :crossed_fingers:

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ok, i will go and light up some incense sticks and pray for a resolution :flushed:

@Gijs maybe also add those findings if its not clear already