Bug: light intensity limited to 100% on mac

As per subject, all light types are limited to 100% intensity on mac.

Is this V5 or V6?
What is the type of light?
How are you trying to adjust the light?
Perhaps a small sample file with a light in it you can’t adjust would be helpful.


It is Version 6 (6.26.20147.06482, 2020-05-26), and applies to all light types. Just create any light and try to set intensity > 100%. It appears to be a GUI issue, the slider widget used is apparently limiting to 100%, since I know the SDK doesn’t.

I can not duplicate that.
I started a new file and made a Box.
I went into the Rendered display mode
Then I created a spotlight aimed and a side of the box.
I can select the light and drag the intensity up and down.
The illumination on the box side changes with the intensity level.



Yes it can go to 100%, but not, say 1000%.

The intensify range is from Zero to 100%
That pretty much covers it.

It has never been similarly limited on Windows.

I can confirm that the U/I for lights in Mac V6 and Windows Rhino V6 are different.
I don’t know why.

V7 unifies the U/I so Mac gets the same factor that Windows has.

V5 for Mac was also limited to 100%.

Didn’t notice before, because I was only ever trying to type something higher than 100%, but on my v6 mac rhino here, I apparently can’t type any number at all into the textbox next to the slider. When focus is lost, the value just jumps to 0%.

Yeah, I see the same here. That seems like a bug to me. On V7 you can type any value and works properly.

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As I mentioned up topic, it’s fixed for V7.